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Innovative Ways Schools Can Adapt During The Pandemic

by Nov 1, 2020Education

The impact of the covid-19 pandemic and the changes it has brought to the world in the year 2020 cannot be denied.  The year 2020 started like every other year and progressed until coronavirus came upon the scene forcing countries all over the world to mandate shutdowns, physical distancing, and other public health control measures to curtail the virus.

Businesses, institutions, and schools were shut to get the virus under, and so businesses, institutions, and schools had to conform to the new norm in the world.

The focus of this article is on how schools can adapt to the covid-19 new norm era?  What options are available to schools in this era?

The mandatory lockdown which was one of the control measures to get the virus under control has greatly increased the relevance and use of the internet in schools worldwide with remote classes get increasingly popular with internet tools like Zoom making it possible for schools to continue with their activities online.

360° Virtual Tour

One of the tools yet to be thoroughly maximized by schools in the era of the covid-19 pandemic is the 360° virtual tour. The 360° virtual tour provides a virtual tour of commercial properties, educational organisations, recreational venues, leisure facilities, and many more. It makes use of controllable 360° panoramic images or videos of high resolution that are generated into 360° images or videos to create a virtual tour. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and PC’s and is controlled by the end-user. It is a rapidly evolving technology that allows potentially thousands of pictures or videos all in one piece rather than viewing flat images individually. It gives immersive coverage of a venue or facility and a better experience for the viewer.

360° Virtual Tours in Schools

Ever thought about how schools in the covid-19 era can have some of their routines despite the in-person restriction? Can school programs like the open day in the era of covid-19 be possible despite in-person restrictions?

Well a 360° virtual tour makes that possible, this great tool provides a wonderful experience for schools, and parents, it affords parent and schools the great opportunity to have such a program by providing an interactive 360° virtual tour of the school premises and facilities such that the parent can effectively navigate and view the panoramic image of the school premises and facilities all in our piece, this will help to greatly negate the impact of the in-person restrictions while still keeping parents and Guardians safe and secured from covid-19. Virtual tour open days will provide the same opportunity and experience as the in-person open day by allowing students, parents, and guardians to virtually access school premises and all facilities, therefore, providing a great impression of the institution, what the students, parents, and guardians should expect about the school providing an opportunity to brief students about the school and also ask questions.

360° virtual reality could help schools build an online presence to attract international students.

Using the 360° virtual reality tour, schools can showcase their premises and facilities to parents and guardians of the intending international student or faraway student so they could make the institution their choice.

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