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Best times to post on Facebook

Best times to post on Facebook

If you’re creating content for social media at any scale, you know that a key challenge is rising above the noise and getting eyes on your posts. As social media algorithms  increasingly move away from the reverse chronological timelines of the past and towards relevance-based curation, social media marketers must continually refine their tactics in creating high-quality content and maximizing opportunities to earn engagement.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Knowing when to post on every social platform is one important way to stay a step ahead and make sense of the content overload that seems to be occurring on many channels. Whether you want to use this data to find out the peak times to get more interactions with your campaigns, or you want to capitalize on quieter hours on social networks, you can align these insights with your own social media publishing calendar and start planning your posts with greater purpose.

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How is the world of Tourism adapting to the covid-19 pandemic?

How is the world of Tourism adapting to the covid-19 pandemic?

The impact of covid-19 on the Tourism sector

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, affected all business and economy of the world at large, the ravaging effect and widespread effect of the pandemic led to countries adopting mitigation efforts to counter the spread of the virus. One of such efforts was the lockdown efforts which included an inter-country travel ban among other efforts used to curtail the virus.
Impact of the lockdown and travel ban on the Tourism sector
The emergence of the covid-19 and the shutdown has led to unprecedented crises in every sector globally. The tourism sector just like every other sector was heavily hit by the impact of the coronavirus which necessitated shutdowns and travel bans or restrictions, before the worldwide shutdown the tourism and travels sector is estimated to account for about US$8, trillion of the world’s GDP and created millions of jobs. When covid-19 came, shutdowns and travel ban policies were initiated as a mitigation effort against the virus. Tourism and travel sector jobs were lost. Hotels and resort jobs were lost as visitations dropped and as a result, staffs were laid-off, airline jobs were also lost. It was reported that airline companies around the world lost tens of billions of dollars resulting in layoffs of staff. This caused some world-renowned airlines to declare or file for bankruptcy and seeking a bailout from governments around the world.

What year could normal traveling and Tourism return?

With countries around the world returning to normalcy, and the cautious re-opening of activities of countries around the world, we may only hope normalcy in the Travel sector will return on time, but, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) analysis in June 2020, 2024 could be the year normal travels could return, but with vaccines now available and vaccinations programs going around the world, we can all hope it would be earlier.

How is the world of Tourism adapting to the covid-19 pandemic?

The effect of the shutdown has caused in-person restrictions in the outdoor and indoor environment, just like all other sectors went remote online, the tourism sector has been able to go remote through the use of virtual reality tourism.

Virtual reality tourism

Virtual reality tourism is a virtual or online simulated tour of a place or location from home or a faraway location using 3-dimensional imagery and videos with a multimedia play like narration, songs, and sound effects in use. This gives the tourist a 3-dimensional walk-through virtually with storytelling in play also and other multimedia effects. The use of virtual reality tourism serves as a cushion against the effect of the covid-19 pandemic.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Tourism

Virtual reality has tremendous use in the tourism sector even beyond the use as a cushion against the effect of the covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of the advantages;

The use of Virtual reality provides a medium for creativity and uniqueness:

Tourist organizations now have the opportunity of projecting their uniqueness and creativity in virtual reality tourism. They can incorporate the latest high technology advancement into their virtual reality adventure. For example, the Circus team produced a virtual reality tour of Florida with a 180-degree high definition with Dolby sound which produces a 3-dimensional experience. It is situated in prominent places like malls in the United Kingdom. This project has successfully been able to attract hundreds of people per day.
Other virtual reality tourist attractions in the UK include the Science Museum which is a very popular virtual reality location, it produces stunning 360-degree high definition images, and also the Royal opera house which produces high-quality 360-degree virtual tours. So with virtual reality tourism, tourist attractions and sites could be distinguished by their quality.

Virtual reality tour provides a new sensational experience for the tourist

Virtual reality tourism provides a new form of sensational and inspirational experience to tourist with innovative new technology that thrills the tourist, this provides a form of motivation for tourism, as a result, boosting the interest of people in tourism. Countries around the world are in this new technology of virtual reality so as provide a new experience for tourists that would stimulate and boost the country’s tourism sector.

Boosting tourism and improving tourist confidence in the post-covid-19 pandemic era.

Virtual reality will help boost tourism in the post the covid-19 era by providing and increasing the urge of tourists that enjoyed the virtual tour of the facility or location. Virtual tourism was not designed to replace real experience but exposure to a virtual tour of a facility may trigger the interest of the tourists to come-in person, for a live experience. Virtual reality would play a big role in assuring tourists about safety. This would be done by virtual simulations of safety protocols not only covid-19 safety protocol but also other forms of safety protocols, the virtual simulations of these protocols would boost and reassure tourists about their safety.
Raises the level of accessibility to facilities that provides public education
With virtual reality tourism facilities that provide public education can now provide a greater level of accessibility, such that restricted places cannot be accessed using a virtual tour. The virtual reality tour of the Palace of Westminster has increased the interest of tourists to the location by providing a greater level of access to the Palace of Westminster, places normally restricted by in-person tour can now be accessed by the virtual reality walk-through of the Palace.


Can we in any way say virtual reality tourism has kicked-off? The answer is no doubt, yes!!!
The emergence of the covid-19 pandemic in this year 2020 has without any doubt accelerated the adoption of virtual reality tourism all around the world. We might safely say virtual reality tour as a form of tourism is here to stay.
Furthermore, big tech corporations have begun investing and researching virtual reality tourism to introduce new technology that would facilitate the adoption of virtual reality tourism worldwide as a form of tourism by making virtual reality exciting and inspiring. This would increase the audience and in the process make the tourism sector more accessible.

The Benefits Of WordPress

The Benefits Of WordPress

Why WordPress Accounts For A Third of the World’s Websites

One of the biggest questions to arise when building a website is deciding what platform to build it on. And with WordPress powering approximately one-third of the world’s websites, it’s clear to understand why, immediately, it’s one of the first content management systems to come to mind.

WordPress is one of the major players in the online universe, catering to some huge business websites including Sony, Microsoft, The New Yorker and BBC America, to name just a few. And with that mind, you may be wondering: what’s so great about using WordPress?

Below are just some of the main reasons why and how these successful brands and corporations are making use of WordPress to reach their full potential online.

  1. Flexibility
    One of the most attractive selling points when it comes to a WordPress website is the flexibility that comes with it. It’s easy as pie to customise a WordPress website to tailor to your needs, with thanks to the endless choice of themes, additional plugins and easily accessible source files. So, whether you’re building a multinational corporation, small online business, or just a personal blog – individuality and customisation are at the forefront of every WordPress site.
  2. User-Friendly
    Whether you’re an expert in web design or just starting out, WordPress offers impressive user-friendliness, with a quick (free) installation that can be up and running in just a matter of minutes. Once your domain and hosting service is in place, users can start managing their site from the easy-to-use dashboard, choosing a theme, adding pages, and creating posts almost immediately!
  3. Plugins
    Although WordPress includes everything you need for the functioning of a basic website, there are also thousands of plugins available for an easy install. Once activated, these extra-added plugins can really take your online business to the next level, fine-tuning it to the needs of your business. Think shopping carts, portfolios, galleries, social media feeds, contact forms, newsletter subscriptions and so much more.
  4. Higher Rankings
    There’s something about the code behind WordPress that makes it clean and simple for search engines like Google to understand. Not to mention, there’s plenty of opportunity for SEO content to be buried within your website via meta tags, titles and keywords available for every page, post, category and image. This makes for very precise SEO that is key for higher rankings and a successful online presence.
  5. Mobile Responsive
    With the world constantly on the go, we as individuals rely on our portable devices more than ever. In fact, according to Statcounter, since October 2016, mobile and tablet traffic has overtaken desktop traffic – with 27.8 billion more queries performed on mobile than desktop, according to Google.

Therefore, it’s crucial that our websites are adapted for mobile functionality, and this is definitely a winner when it comes to WordPress sites. WordPress offers a variety of responsive themes that are ready to go, so when visitors come to your website using a smartphone or tablet, your website will automatically scale to suit the visitor’s device.

The benefits of WordPress go on and on, but we hope some of these main features will help you to compare your options – especially if you’re considering the next steps regarding content management systems, or exploring your options for the first time.

WordPress is definitely a great place to start for both beginners and already well-established businesses, as it allows you to easily maintain, customise and extend the functionality of your website, without the need to continually pay for expensive enhancements further down the line.

The Benefits and Value of Virtual Tours for Your Business

The Benefits and Value of Virtual Tours for Your Business

Coronavirus has left many businesses needing to change the ways in which they operate in order to adhere to new guidelines. With many potential customers unable to physically visit your premises, virtual tours are a particularly important marketing tool, helping to engage prospective customers and increase the likelihood of them purchasing a product or service. Whether a customer is looking to purchase a spa experience, a new car, reserve a restaurant table or even book a hotel room, the virtual tour can help to portray the atmosphere of your business and help sway them towards their final purchase.

Virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular, offering consumers an opportunity to view your gym, hotel, or retail store from the comfort of their own home. The 360° interactive tours allow your potential customer to navigate your business premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of your opening hours. These virtual tours are becoming a top priority for businesses wishing to promote their services, ready for reopening and future bookings.

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

A high-quality virtual tour has many distinct benefits that can help your potential customer finalise their decision. The tours engage the visitor and encourage them to explore the premises, using zoom features and descriptive texts to provide further information in specific areas. The stunning high-quality imagery provides a true representation of your business and allows the customer to see everything your business has to offer.

More and more consumers are choosing to conduct extensive online research into businesses before visiting your premises and considering purchases. Is it therefore crucial to allow full transparency of your business and showcase your excellent services, this is especially important in the hospitality sector in which services are often heavily scrutinised. With many businesses currently closed or operating with limited services, consumers are browsing online ready to find a new gym to sign up to, or spa break to book for a later date. If the potential customer is able to view your business from a 360° perspective it will allow them to explore the experience you offer in greater detail and increase the likelihood of them purchasing products or services that you have to offer.

By utilising a virtual tour on your website, you can increase the exposure of your business, increase website visitor retention, and provide a new experience for your customers in order to beat the competition. These online virtual tours are suitable for all types of businesses, regardless as to whether you are a small-local business, or a multimillion-pound franchise. All businesses are looking for ways to make their products and services stand out in their crowded market, therefore a professional 360° virtual tour experience can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

The tours are often considered to be an excellent marketing and advertising opportunity, especially for the housing market and for services that provided an experience (such as spas), as customers will often share links and photos on social media that they find interesting or unique. Therefore, by creating a professional and well-optimised virtual tour for your business you will open up further opportunities for increasing your revenue.

Innovative Ways Schools Can Adapt During The Pandemic

Innovative Ways Schools Can Adapt During The Pandemic

The impact of the covid-19 pandemic and the changes it has brought to the world in the year 2020 cannot be denied.  The year 2020 started like every other year and progressed until coronavirus came upon the scene forcing countries all over the world to mandate shutdowns, physical distancing, and other public health control measures to curtail the virus.

Businesses, institutions, and schools were shut to get the virus under, and so businesses, institutions, and schools had to conform to the new norm in the world.

The focus of this article is on how schools can adapt to the covid-19 new norm era?  What options are available to schools in this era?

The mandatory lockdown which was one of the control measures to get the virus under control has greatly increased the relevance and use of the internet in schools worldwide with remote classes get increasingly popular with internet tools like Zoom making it possible for schools to continue with their activities online.

360° Virtual Tour

One of the tools yet to be thoroughly maximized by schools in the era of the covid-19 pandemic is the 360° virtual tour. The 360° virtual tour provides a virtual tour of commercial properties, educational organisations, recreational venues, leisure facilities, and many more. It makes use of controllable 360° panoramic images or videos of high resolution that are generated into 360° images or videos to create a virtual tour. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and PC’s and is controlled by the end-user. It is a rapidly evolving technology that allows potentially thousands of pictures or videos all in one piece rather than viewing flat images individually. It gives immersive coverage of a venue or facility and a better experience for the viewer.

360° Virtual Tours in Schools

Ever thought about how schools in the covid-19 era can have some of their routines despite the in-person restriction? Can school programs like the open day in the era of covid-19 be possible despite in-person restrictions?

Well a 360° virtual tour makes that possible, this great tool provides a wonderful experience for schools, and parents, it affords parent and schools the great opportunity to have such a program by providing an interactive 360° virtual tour of the school premises and facilities such that the parent can effectively navigate and view the panoramic image of the school premises and facilities all in our piece, this will help to greatly negate the impact of the in-person restrictions while still keeping parents and Guardians safe and secured from covid-19. Virtual tour open days will provide the same opportunity and experience as the in-person open day by allowing students, parents, and guardians to virtually access school premises and all facilities, therefore, providing a great impression of the institution, what the students, parents, and guardians should expect about the school providing an opportunity to brief students about the school and also ask questions.

360° virtual reality could help schools build an online presence to attract international students.

Using the 360° virtual reality tour, schools can showcase their premises and facilities to parents and guardians of the intending international student or faraway student so they could make the institution their choice.