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My journey began back when I was 7 years old. My parents got me a Commodore plus4, my very first computer. I loved it! 

It was my first experience of computing and introduced me to the world of technology. I remember having to load games from a cassette tape, WOW!

Fast forward a few years and I’m now loving how tech has shaped the world and how we all live our lives. I predicted a long time ago that phones would evolve into something bigger than just a voice calling device. Who’d of thought that we’d all be carrying a pocket computer around and letting it rule our life.

 Simply, I love tech and I’m passionate about it.

I discovered I enjoyed technology, particularly websites & photography many years ago. I developed a passion for 360° photography, i found it fascinating. From that time right up to recently, it’s been my hobby. Unfortunately, my health has taken a bit of a nosedive and I’ve needed to re-evaluate my work situation. Then I had an epiphany! Why not do what I love as a hobby as a job? It would suit my circumstances just right.
So here I am, ready to make your business shine online, and at a great price too!

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